Coloring Pages Bible Verses (Electronic Book, comes as PDF)


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The book “Coloring Pages Bible Verses” consists of 20 pages with different designs.

They are all based on the nature motives – everything around us so beautifully created by God: birds, flowers, bees…

They are easy to color – you can do a project easily within one evening.

“Coloring Pages Bible Verses” are designed to help you to better connect to the world of the Bible. When you color, you conscious brain relaxes and you enter a deep domain of subconsciousness, planting Godly seeds there. It is especially great to color this book before going to sleep.

You create art yourself or together with kids – there are no limitations on the age! With kids, it could be a great way to introduce them to the Bible in a playful and engaging from.

Once ready – frame the page, hang on the wall and you have the armor of God at your room, colored with the music of your soul.

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